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With a focus on technology and its commercialisation, our services include:

Business Growth and Development

We know how to grow a business based on technology and innovation.

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Commercialisation of innovation and technology

In both large and small organisations. The goal is the same but the challenges are different, in the former cash and credibility in the market can be limiting factors, in the latter the prevailing culture within the company and perhaps sector is significant.

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Technology Programme Development and Delivery

Development, leadership and delivery of corporate technology programmes. Successful delivery of technology requires a distinctive set of skills not least to get the most out of the teams and balance quality of outcome with commercial needs.
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Corporate finance

Working with partners, we can identify the funding requirements of projects and companies and lead the activities to secure funds from a variety of sources including Private Equity, Venture funds, Angel networks, and Crowd Funding platforms.
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Due diligence

Assessing whether an innovative business proposition has substance and, if so, how is it best developed? Due diligence can be done as a stand alone activity or as part of a wider corporate finance programme.

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Technology and innovation leadership

How to get the best out of a technical team, the strengths and weaknesses of members, leadership style and how to achieve more innovation.

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Conference and event speaking

Based on our passion and enthusiasm for engineering and innovation, along with a healthy dose of hard won experience and pragmatism from companies small and large, we speak at events internationally.

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Our Partners

Innovateer works closely with selected partners to provide greater services to clients but with the same high quality.

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