Project Description

Project Management and technology commercialisation

The Rawwater Group operates across several sectors of the oil industry providing contract research and consultancy in the fields of materials science, well technology and water management. With a background in expanding metal technology, Rawwater’s Bismuth Plug has been used for full scale well abandonment in Alberta, Canada and constituted a world first for metal-to-metal sealing technology. 

The company is now undertaking a programme to develop the material technology further, to understand the critical parameters to achieve a high integrity seal. As part of this programme Rawwater is currently designing and qualifying large diameter offshore seals and plugs deployable using electric as well as pyrotechnic heaters. 

The technology offers the benefits of significantly reduced well-plugging and abandonment costs and better long-term integrity; given the scale of the market with over 900,000 wells this is a significant and important opportunity. 

Innovateer has been engaged to support this programme of work, project manage the delivery of Innovate UK funded activities and put in place a route to full commercialisation of the sealing and plug technology, with the ambition to achieve a seamless transition from project to commercial product. 

A fuller case study will be available in the future.