Project Description

Improvement and refinement of business development activities

This major, international engineering contractor has a large and highly capable organisation and offices across the globe. Despite major business development effort to secure work from certain major oil companies over the years, it had struggled to make significant in roads with some and needed to increase its client base particularly through the down turn of 2014.

Innovateer was engaged to advise the business on its approach and identify improvements with specific clients and activities in mind. On review of the approach taken by the client Innovateer identified several areas of improvement:

  1. Despite having great capabilities and technology within the company the written and verbal communications in relation to these assets was not clear or powerful enough to engage the Operating company.
  2. A more comprehensive communications plan with multiple touch points in the Operator organisation was needed to both highlight the company’s capabilities and achievements more regularly across multiple fronts.
  3. There was no significant point of difference to the clients technical or commercial proposition compared to competitors and therefore nothing to make it stand out.

Based on these observations and associated recommendations and with the prime objective being to make it clear how the engineering contractor’s capabilities would help to address the Operator’s needs:

  • Innovateer was directly involved in reviewing and editing written material and, based on its extensive experience, helping to clarify messages around technology and the offer to the Operator. The material was also honed to focus on specific, known needs of the Operator.
  • A more comprehensive, all-inclusive communications plan was developed by Innovateer with the client representative to supplement the written material, to ensure consistency and to reinforce the messages conveyed. This was applied from the engineering teams through to executive level.
  • A bolder commercial strategy was facilitated by Innovateer, to make a statement and create a point of difference. Given the client company had tried the same approach each year for the previous number of years, achieving this change was a notable achievement.

Following the deployment of this comprehensive approach the client was successful in winning a significant engineering contract from a target major international oil and gas Operator. The feedback was notable in that the Operator wanted to specifically understand more about the areas where differentiation had been achieved in the commercial offer; so confirming the strategy identified and developed by Innovateer to achieve a point of difference.