Project Description

Development of investment proposition and fund-raising campaign

The client company has developed a technology to install wind turbine nacelle units without the need for a crane. This is relevant to the industry as turbine heights are increasing to achieve better efficiency and there is an expected move to floating offshore wind. Cranes to install turbines in these scenarios are few in number and they are very expensive, cheaper methods offer the opportunity to reduce through life costs of wind farms but also improve the safety of personnel during construction and maintenance through the elimination of crane lifts and working at height.

Working with partners at Prime Advantage Corporate Partners, Innovateer has been engaged to lead the fund-raising campaign for the business. The funds are required to provide some grant match funding but also to allow the company to grow and become fully operational. To develop the full investment proposition the market data was fully analysed to identify all relevant revenue streams and to layout the commercialisation programme. These were then robustly modelled along with the costs to fully develop and illustrate the commercial viability of the technology and its potential returns.

Currently Innovateer is in communication with a number of strategic investors, syndicates and venture funds to establish their level of interest in the technology. A broader activity set is being run in parallel to raise the profile of the technology with potential developers, engineering and construction houses as well as operations and maintenance companies.

A complete case study will be available on closing of the fund-raising round which is expected to be late 2018.