Maybe you are looking to start or grow a company with a great technology?

Or perhaps deliver an exciting technology programme within an existing enterprise?

Or maybe you have all the technical and management aspects covered but need funding?

Whatever the need, Innovateer has technical, business and corporate finance expertise to help; we work alongside you to help you realise your ambition.

We are specifically focussed on opportunities in:

Renewable Energy

Low Carbon


Oil & Gas

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 We’re known for looking at things differently, but always with a constructive eye. That’s partly because we take inspiration from all sorts of sources and many from outside the Energy Sector. What does Bradley Wiggins have to say about goals? What does Jim Wetherbee the famous Space Shuttle Commander think about entrepreneurs and innovation, or Josh Valman the young British Entrepreneur? You’ll find out in these short articles. 

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Our Ethos

Formed by Lee Billingham in 2016 after an extensive career in the oil and gas industry with BP and a number of large service companies, Innovateer is an innovation focussed consultancy aimed at business improvement, development and growth with an emphasis on the energy sector.

With a broad and unique background in engineering, project management and a particular passion for technology commercialisation and leadership, Innovateer’s blend of technical capability and commercial nous means it is uniquely placed to advise on, manage or lead innovation and technology programmes, whether product or service based.

Whilst oil and gas remains a significant part of Innovateer’s activities, it has a growing presence in and focus on the renewable energy, low carbon and cleantech sectors; seeking to apply the best lessons and experience from the former to benefit the latter.

Irrespective of the client and project, Innovateer’s ethos is to always identify and start with the end in mind; to identify the goals, aspirations or targets of the client and develop the way forward from that point. It’s effective, efficient and realises the best value for the client.

Lee Billingham – Founder

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